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"Wellzoom" 3D printer partner - desktop filament extruder has come
Time:2014-10-14    Source:admin    Views:9595
  3D printer is an epochal product of the modern post-industrial society. It changes our current mode of production and even lifestyle gradually.
  In recent years, producing filament anytime and anywhere has always been one of the human dreams In the 3D technology tide. Because we can’t use the bulky and noisy industrial plastic extruder in the tidy office.
  But now, Shenzhen Mistar Technology Co., Ltd. "wellzoom" 3D printer partner - Desktop  filament extruders is coming. 
  This charming little guy can replace industrial machine? Can it extrude qualified 3D filament?We have some questions......One day,we came to the lab of Mistar Technology Co., Ltd. following Engineer Zhang.
  Engineer Zhang connected the power to the machine, turned on,and set the temperature easily. Then, he poured the plastic pellets into the machine. After a few minutes, temperature was maintained at the set point. Then he pushed the button. 
  Aha! The plastic wire was outputted.
  “It’s good.” A Tao said when he saw the plastic wire.
  Engineer Zhang said, they spent almost one year to research and develop the machine. And they are perfecting it.
  Just as if you want to drink soybean milk, you could buy it in the supermarket, or use soybean milk machine to make a variety of soybean milk. Like the soybean milk machine, the desktop filament extruder can produce filament every time and everywhere.
  In the immediate future, can the 3D printer partner have a place in the market of home 3D printer?Let's wait......
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