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Brief introduction
Time:2014-10-14    Source:admin    Views:5385

  As we all know, home 3D printers need to use consumable material. There are two kinds of diameter, 1.75mm and 3.00mm. The existing industrial plastic extruder can achieve large-scale factory production. It has high efficiency and high quality. Moreover, ancillary equipment is also very well.
  However, it also has disadvantages. Industrial plastic extruders are bulky and high energy consumption. They need related ancillary equipment to produce qualified products. And it cannot meet the requirements of demand for small amount and multi species. In addition, a few 3D filament exist the phenomenon of moisture absorption and not easy to keep. Industrial plastic extruders are difficult to achieve producing filament anytime and anywhere.
  The desktop filament extruders which are produced by Shenzhen Mistar Technology Co., Ltd. fill the gap. The product has many advantages, such as easy operation, low energy consumption, can be used continuously, and not blocked and so on.

1. Simple and beautiful appearance
2. Multiple protection to ensure that equipment work with high reliability
3. Easy to operate
4. A variety of options to meet the needs of different types of customers
i)A-type machine with no speed control function, simple operation, low cost, wide adaptability.
ii)B-type machine was developed for high-temperature materials. Working temperature can reach 300 ℃. It can be adjusted the speed to suit the temperature.
5. Easy to clean the material cavity and change the nozzle.
6. Able to meet most of thermoplastic materials.
7. Able to color. It can meet your needs about the color and material of filament.
8. Air-cooled + weight traction, making it more convenient and efficient.

We will continue to improve our products to meet your specific needs.

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Addr:Wangjinkeng industrial zone,Xili Town, Nansan District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Prov,China  Tel:0086-755-89800919    
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