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Desktop filament extruder
Time:2014-10-14    Source:admin    Views:6060
  The desktop filament extruder is the equipment which is used to make 3D printer supplies. It is able to work continuously, and produce 2 kinds of filament—diameter 1.75mm and 3.00mm.

   As we all know, nowadays, comparing the price of 3D printer, we can find the price fell sharply. But prices of 3D printer supplies are not a small expenditure for users. The desktop filament extruder we have developed is to reduce the cost for users. Let applications of 3D real popularize.

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Addr:Wangjinkeng industrial zone,Xili Town, Nansan District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Prov,China  Tel:0086-755-89800919    
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