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Product Name:Wellzoom extruder line for edible/medical material
Product Detailed:

Wellzoom desktop extruder line for edible/medical material

This is a stainless steel core filament extruder.

It has a stainless steel screw, stainless steel tube,stainless steel feed port and PE hopper.

It can be used for food/medical material extrusion.

    Wellzoom desktop extruder line is a tiny 3D supplies extrusion production line, it has a complete process which includes turning pellets into filaments, water-cooling and winding.

    Wellzoom Desktop extruder  is  specifically  designed  for non-professional operators, especially for laboratories. The design is based on a simple concept. Simple operation panel can reduce the risk of misoperation; well-designed structure can effectively avoid scalding operator.

     If you want to produce new composite material for experiment or produce in small quantities, Wellzoom desktop extruder line would be an ideal choice.

     Desktop extruder line include: Wellzoom C extruder, water-cooling tractor and auto winder.


After more than two years, on the basis of our original product we have made a deep improvement. The second generation products - Wellzoom desktop extruder line II were produced. They have the following advantages:

1.On-line measurement function. It provides a low-cost detection method to control the diameter of filament.

2.Redesigned auto winder. It’s more simple and reliable.

3.A variety of cooling combinations(can be chosen). Such as double sink cooling, forced air cooling & water cooling combination, air cooling, low temperature water cooling (15℃ below room temperature). They can adapt to different kinds of materials.



Wellzoom desktop extruder line II




■ Maximum extrusion speed: 4400mm / min(1.75mm, ABS)

■ Suitable materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, wood plastic, PVA, PS and so on

■ Operating temperature: below 320℃(maximum 450℃ or 600℃ need customizing)

■ Temperature zone: 2 temperature zones (independent control)

■ Temperature control accuracy: ± 1

■ Accuracy of filament: 1.75mm, + / - 0.05; 3mm, + / - 0.1

■ Power requirement : 220V, 50Hz (110V, 50Hz need customizing)

■ Power: 220W-440W

■ Nozzle: 2 (1.8mm, 3.2mm)   





Wellzoom C extruder

1.Simple appearance, easy to operate.

2.Energy efficient.

3.Easy to clean the material cavity and change the nozzle.

4.Special screw, high efficiency extrusion.

5.Can adapt to most of thermoplastic materials.

6.Can modulate color. It can meet your needs about the color and material of filament.

7.Large-capacity hopper is transparent, you can monitor and add material easily.

8.Dual-zone & independent temperature control can meet the requirement better to composite material.Preheat zone is for melting materials.Extrusion zone is for controlling extrusion temperature.


Water-cooling tractor

1. Stepping motor is used to ensure stable traction speed.

2. Stepless speed control.

3. On-line measurement function.

4. A variety of cooling combinations can be chosen. We can provide the best solution.




Auto winder

1.Match the extrusion speed of the extruder automatically.

2.The arranging mechanism can arrange the filament in order.

3.The arrange range can be adjusted to adapt to different reels.

4.Reel speed can be adjusted.

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